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a friend inside yourself
Standing by a silver window, one you can’t look through,
Staring at that stranger, the one they think is you.
Secrets that you’re hiding make tears stream down your face,
Embarrassment of your self-pity makes you wipe your eyes with haste.
But crying doesn’t help you when you’re falling on your ass,
It won’t help you jump the gap to meet the one behind the glass.
Some people will make fun and think that cruelty’s all games,
They never stop to think of the hurt behind the names.
So remember when you’re hurting and self-doubt is coming fast,
Tell yourself others aren’t important, and find a friend beyond the glass.
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The red Lines in the road
There are red lines in the road.
Shaped as though someone lay there once, lonesome and cold.
There are red stains on my clothes, “how did they get there?” I wonder aloud.
My hand claps against my mouth- but it seems no one heard.
Bewildered, I yell and jump around in front of a photographer.
He doesn’t even blink.
Am I invisible?
I gasp. My mouth goes dry. Faster and faster the memories swim around me,
Realization dawn upon me, freezing cold:
Those are my lines in the road.
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The man who saved my heart
In his eyes I’m royalty where in others' I’d be more like trash.
He makes my world so different – Happy and Peaceful.
Full of true smiles and an abundance of heart felt laughs.
So many times before he found me- I’d been lost in the same maze of violence and the repetitive waves of hate.
But just when I thought I’d been smothered by the dark and those very waves were holding me down –
He pulled me up, brought back the light, and showed me love enough to revive my soul and everything good inside me.
He changed the way I see the world – because to him I am the world.
He opened my eyes and taught me what love is really and truly supposed to feel like.
He is my TRUE love.
My forever, my everything, my one and only-
He is the man who saved my heart.
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True love
So close it lingers, it’s stench so raw.
Hovering just near enough to burn my nose and make my eyes water.
It’s cold hate taunting my body with an acidic chill, making me shiver inside and out.
With every breath I gag and choke, bile rising in my throat- the air is like ammonia, smothering me.
At times it engulfs me – it’s vicious rage blinding me so entirely that I fear nearly every step.
It is the memory of HIM – a vast and vile cloud of filth lingering much too near –
Torturing my senses while tearing and stabbing into my chance at happiness.
Is it possible to outrun this disgustingly vast and putrid haunting?
To rise against it, empowered and protected by the True Love that has finally rescued my ever-shattering heart and to this very day continues it’s mending?
With the purified air True Love provides me I don’t have to inhale the awful fumes He lets off.
With a bright beacon True Love shines to guide me back into its safety and warmth
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I Am
I am the secret giggle you let out when you’re shy.
I am a still good lemon in the trash, not completely twisted dry.
I am the lie that whispers from the corners of your lips.
I am the crack in the asphalt and the faucet that drips.
I am a baby’s wail and the corner of your mind.
I am the paper you fail and the child left behind.
I am the broken spring in a couch you once loved.
I am a school bully and the kid that he shoves.
I am the one falling star you’ll never see.
I am a baby bird in a nest dying to be free.
So who am I?
One day you’ll know.
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One Mistake
Blood drenched towels wrapped around my wrist,
Though I didn’t think the razor would work.
The tears just keep streaming down my face,
Because I didn’t believe it would hurt.
A scratched up record spitting out the same lyrics again and again,
Wondering if I would have done this if I’d had a friend.
I whisper sorrowful curses as all life begins to fade,
Gone forever now – in one mistake I made.
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Valentines Day
A valentine of winter cold, a heart shaped box of hate.
A war inside of what to do, lined with bittersweet distaste.
No one to rescue you when all your hope comes crashing down,
No one there who loves you, in or out of town.
A valentine of loneliness, a ribbon drenched in blood.
A brokenhearted teenager left by the man she thought she loved.
No one there to tell you what you’re longing to hear.
No one there to cradle you and shake you from your fear.
Valentines of non-existence, just ones you wish were there.
Sugar coated cruelty, from the ones you wish would care.
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Her diagnosis is bad, the doctor has told you and
So many times you wondered why.
You know a secret kept is knowledge lost
But how many tears can one man cry?
You scream out and you blame yourself, your world is crumbling down around you and there is no way to truly help at all.
You wish you could travel time, go back to things you might have done better, yet you know it can’t be, you’d jump just to fall.
Her treatment is failing, and you can’t hardly breathe,
How will you make it if she has to leave you?
You know she’ll miss you, and loves you so much
But you can’t say it’s ok, because it wouldn’t be true.
Her time has come now, but you can’t let her go-
It feels you just found her and now you’ll be alone.
She swears that you won’t be she’ll be with you every day,
You consent then you break as her last breath wisps away.
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Mature content
Lucifer's Love slave :icondlph1d00m:dlph1d00m 0 2
Drip. Drip. Drip.
The faucet has a leak.
So quiet and yet it bothers me.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
The faucet has a leak.
I try so hard just to block it out.
Annoyingly, it’s still there.
Pause. Plink. Pause. Plink.
My head is spinning!
Such a simple intrusion seems to throw me onto edge.
Help! I can’t stand it.
So little and so much.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
The faucet has a leak.
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If angels are real can they truly see all?
Do they sit on a cloud watching your heartbreak?
Do they see your tears fall?
Do they gather and laugh about how you feel in the dark?
Do they hear your soul scream out in agony?
Do angels ever have to wonder too?
One can wish.
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cuz we love you-Sil's Poem
Your life may be hard right now but we believe in you and love you and we know that you can pull through.
Even when the going gets tough we will stay by your side. Supporting you. Stuck to you like glue.
And even though that simpleton brought you down you can count on each of us to bring you back up and keep you there high above where you once were.
Because we love you as our sister, our mother, our aunt, and our friend and although at times we fight and although at times we hurt we won’t stop loving one another no matter what may occur.
I hope you see the truth as you read it inside this much too corny poem,
That no matter what may take place, and no matter when –
If you take our hands we’ll lead you home.
:icondlph1d00m:dlph1d00m 1 0
What the Fire Left Me
While I was walking through the streets one day - I cam across a doll.
She was blood stained and ragged and missing an eye.
She spoke into my heart reminding me of the time I'd had it all.
A family, a home, the days I didn't have to lie.
I held her close to my face and freed some despair.
I allowed my tears to fall on her leaving stains of their own.
I lay down on my alleyway bed and wrapped her in my hair.
Then I told her of all the places and people I'd known.
I hugged her hard against me as the memories invaded my mind.
But the images of my past are blurred like the paintings of Monet.
Still I kissed her matted hair and whispered promises of every kind.
Telling her she’s not alone and that we're together to stay.
You see I'd lost everything I'd ever had in my life, but still I stood tall.
For the fire had taken everything from me - except this little doll.
:icondlph1d00m:dlph1d00m 0 0
If Ever
If ever you left me I would be lost forever in the darkness of my own mind,
The twisted design of my thoughts slowly pulling me under.
If ever you caused me pain it would be a lasting agony,
Not one for the weak.
I would die if ever I lost you-
Knowing that what we had was gone.
A slow torturing pain eating me from the inside out.
If ever you changed your mind I would drown in tears and heartache.
A never-ending reminder of being left behind.
All alone.
If ever you were gone -
I would be too.
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Mature content
Life spans :icondlph1d00m:dlph1d00m 0 0
Try as I might I could never explain the reason that I want you.
For complete opposites as we are, there should be no possible way.
Fight as I may there is no removing myself from this.
Though opposing are our closest, we have no way out.
Looking forth, I see not us, yet in this moment my mind and heart want no other.
Confusion is all but overwhelming –
You are expectedly so unexpected.
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Delphi R. S. Doom
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well im officially part of this lil (huge?) site. and so far i like it. but we will see. its cool to know you can post your work somewhere for everyone to see and let you know whassup. so i am looking forward to learning more about DA and 21st bday is not far away!!!! woot!!!



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